Seeking Agri-capital

Are you a progressive agribusinesses company or family owned enterprises seeking access to patient capital to fund expansion of existing operations?

Are you seeking to leverage your skills and experience across a broader asset base?

We help agribusiness owners to sell or expand by matching them with investors who have an appetite for their particular ag sector.

Investment will likely include the sale of some or all the existing equity in your business, while retaining your management skills and experience to grow the business.

We have a large database of investors who are actively seeking to invest in high quality agribusinesses with strong growth or expansion potential.

Many investors prefer off-market investment due to the need to undertake formal due diligence as a pre-condition of sale.

Our focus is to provide them with access to deals that include a partner and management solution all–in-one.

We assist agribusiness companies and family owned enterprises in the following ways

• Help you prepare the business for external scrutiny.

• Identify the most likely sources of capital.

• Prepare key documents that will be required for an investment process, such as an information memorandum, historical financials and financial forecasts.

• Identify specific investors and introduce the opportunity.

• Manage the investment or sale process on your behalf.

We will get to know you and your business, helping you to prepare for and navigate the introduction of investor capital into the business.